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Choosing the Right Therapist

Going to your therapist should be as comfortable as visiting with a trusted friend — it really is as simple as that. When beginning this process, many folks feel like they’re not sure where to start, or what to look for, or what to expect. Here, we briefly outline what we consider to be the most important things to keep in mind as you move forward — if you find yourself having additional questions, we hope you’ll reach out and and allow us the opportunity to help.

Fit: At emPATH, we believe fit is key--you deserve to feel like you really “click” with your clinician. For some, this involves visiting multiple therapists before making a decision on who to continue with; for others, this comfort arrives more quickly, and for many this feeling of fit arrives over a period of time. More than anything, you want to feel like your therapist gets who you really are, and has your best interests at heart. Wherever you’re at in your journey, our practitioners will work with you to make sure you’re getting the right fit, and are happy to recommend other trusted clinicians should you desire.

Treatment Flexibility: When you’re choosing a practitioner, it’s important to know that the person you’re working with is trained in--and comfortable utilizing--multiple treatment modalities. The practice of psychology is varied, and we believe the best treatment is one in which the provider can interchangeably respond to each individual’s needs using a strong working knowledge of treatment methods, theory, and techniques. Before choosing someone to visit in person, we recommend looking for clinicians who have experience with the things you’re thinking and feeling, and clinicians who are trained in multiple areas. To learn more about each of our clinicians, please visit our “Practitioners” page. If you’re not sure what sort of treatment you’d like, please give us a call.

Logistics: Finding a provider that fits your lifestyle and scheduling needs is important--being with a great therapist shouldn’t mean you’re driving for hours, or having to miss out on the other bits of life you find important. While searching, try to find an office that is accessible to you, and work with your potential therapist to identify times when you’ll be able to meet together without turning your life upside down in the process.

Financial Considerations: Therapy is just like other wellness related activities--it’s an integral part of taking care of yourself, and ensuring that you’re living the best way you possibly can. The cost of therapy can vary based on the frequency of your sessions, the hourly rate, and the types of insurances accepted by the office. Some accept insurance, and others will provide you a treatment summary and account summary at the end of each month which can then be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you plan to use insurance, we recommend a few possible courses of action. First, you can request a list of covered providers from your insurance company, or ask the rate at which they might reimburse out-of-pocket treatment costs. Second, you can contact individual therapists and ask them if they accept your insurance coverage. In order to ensure we can work with anybody at emPATH, our practice isn’t wedded to any particular insurance provider; at the end of each month, we provide our clients with the necessary paperwork they can submit for insurance reimbursement.


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