Individual Therapy for Children/Adolescents

We offer psychotherapy tailored to meet the needs of your child/adolescent. With an approach grounded in evidence-based techniques, our clinicians tailor their approach to meet the needs, interests, and preferences of your child. For most children, our clinical approach primarily involves the use of behavioral and cognitive behavioral techniques, with a focus on enhancing children’s ability to understand and communicate their own thoughts and feelings.

In-Home/In-School Behavioral Consultation and Intervention

For children struggling with behavioral issues (e.g., aggression, impulsivity, autism), we offer in-home behavioral assessment and intervention. This can involve assessing the precipitating and maintaining factors underlying a behavioral issue and developing a plan to address these issues (which can be implemented by parents or by the therapist in the home).

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

Our clinical team provides individual psychotherapy for adults struggling with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, relationship struggles, work problems, as well as for people who are interested in gaining a better understanding of themselves. The clinicians at emPATH are highly trained in evidence-based clinical techniques while at the same time being attuned to the individual needs and desires of each client. (Not sure whether individual or couple/family therapy is right for you? See our “Therapy Basics” page).

Couple and Family Therapy

Our therapists offer couple and family therapy for clients struggling with a wide range of experiences (e.g., infidelity, divorce, family blending, cultural differences/struggles, adoption, mental illness) — this approach typically requires all members of a couple/family attending the majority of the therapy sessions to work conjointly on an issue. Couple and/or family therapy can be a valuable addition to individual therapy that can fast-track results. (Not sure whether individual or couple/family therapy is right for you? See our “Therapy Basics” page).

Group Therapy

We provide group therapy on an ongoing basis for the following experiences: social anxiety, bereavement, parenting young children, parenting adolescents, foster/adoptive parents. Group therapy can be done as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other forms of treatment (e.g., individual therapy). (Not sure whether individual or group therapy is right for you? See our “Therapy Basics” page)


An assessment involves a period of comprehensive information-gathering that leads to the formulation of a professional opinion. Assessments typically involve interviewing, observation, testing, and record review, and vary in length depending on type of assessment sought. At emPATH, we offer diagnostic assessment (in which a clinician reviews a client’s history and symptoms to determine if the client qualifies for a psychiatric diagnosis), comprehensive psychoeducational assessments (in which a clinician conducts testing and record review to identify educational strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations), and relationship/attachment assessments (in which a clinician assesses a child’s attachment behaviors/strategies and provides suggestions for parents wishing to support the child’s healthy development).


Clinicians are available to consult with corporations, families, universities, professionals, and teams regarding mental health and relationship-related topics. Interested in working with us on a specific issue? Give us a call and we will tell you if the topic fits within our scope of practice.

Social Skills Group Therapy

The clinical team at emPATH believes healthy relationships to be a key component of well-being and has extensive experience in the area of relationship dynamics. For teens who are having difficulties with certain aspects of their social lives, such as making friends or maintaining positive relationships, our therapists offer social skills groups. In these groups, our clinical team identifies areas in which teens can improve social skills and develops new techniques with the group to empower them to experience greater self-confidence and ease in social interactions. The group setting is often ideal for teens to develop social skills because they are able to learn and practice the skills they have learned in a low-pressure environment with peers. There are a variety of evidence-based social skills group interventions, and our clinicians’ experience in the field of adolescent psychology allows us to tailor our approach to the needs of the group.

One-on-one Social Skills Coaching

For those who prefer to develop their social skills in a private environment, our clinicians also offer one-on-one social skills coaching. The value of individual social skills coaching is that it allows our coaches to develop specific goals based on the individual’s particular social circumstances to aid in the creation of personalized exercises addressing specific social deficits. Our team is highly knowledgeable regarding the unique intricacies of teens’ social lives due to our clinicians’ vast research and clinical experiences with adolescents. One-on-one social skills sessions allow our coaches to help each individual develop tools and techniques that are specifically designed to address their unique social challenges.


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